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The queen of silences


A middle-class family like many others. A normality in the daily ménage of Padua.
And then, a trauma that severely tests the balance of a woman: Anna. Her husband, whom she idealized and fully trusted, has actually had a double life for years.
A psychological wound that undermines a certainty taken for granted.
It is the trigger for an escape from the city and a shelter in nature.
It is the reason for isolation in the heart of the mountain. And it is precisely the altitude and the silence inhabited by the alpine scenery that makes her rebuild that human dialogue that seemed to have lost its way.
So, Anna, alone in a hut at the foot of the Julian Alps, faces an inner journey, in search of her deepest "I", to discover the thousands of secrets that live in the depths of her soul and in that of Mother Nature.
In an uphill path she finds her vital force, to be reborn with a new and liberated look.
But above all to be herself.

ACTION / DRAMEDY – 110 minutes

Project informations 

Progress: script writing



Subject: Annalisa Pinto, Alessandro Pinto, Cristina Tributsch, Giorgio Gregorio, Marina Lodolo, Chiara Tugnizza.



Casting director: 


Set design: 

Music:  Ciro Dammicco



Executive producer: 


Co-production:  Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Poland

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