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Monica Tessarin
Kate Bush - A never ending strange phenomena


The pages of a book, to be enjoyed with your every sense

The most up-to-date book to 2022 on a complete, timeless artist. 124 pages of an editorial work featuring a wealth of stories and images telling the artistic and personal journey, the success of more than 45 years of an all time icon, Kate Bush.

More than a " ordinary " book: it is a unique and unrepeatable opportunity to be able to lose oneself in the labyrinth of the senses, to immerse oneself in Kate Bush's multi-hedral and multifaceted universe, to release your imagination.
Flipping through the pages of this work, one is transported into the world of a charismatic artist, alchemist and dreamer, who was able to create something that was not there before, that never tires.
Kate Bush is the perfect protagonist for Moondays' publishing debut. An artist who has explored every aspect of art in sounds and images, who encourages us to lose ourselves, along with her, in the unique jungle of the senses, for a multi-sensory and totally immersive experience!

An editorial work edited in every detail to know and rediscover the history of music through the life and production of its English heroine. A fan book proposed and produced by a team of historical fans of the artist, which takes the reader into the wonderful world of Kate Bush.

From the beginnings of "Wuthering Heights" in 1978 to "Babooshka" in 1980 to the platinum-selling hits "Hounds of Love" in 1985. From the award-winning videos, which she became director of from a performer, to the live shows that were already amazing in 1978 and absolutely futuristic in 2014.

A book to be taken on tiptoe through the wonderful world built by Kate Bush's years of research and artistic experimentation, made up not only of culture, literature, music and film, but also of voice, choreography and photography, which never stops to surprise.

A fantastic world, a true inner treasure, which the artist creates through a thousand outside influences, reading authors such as Brönte, Joyce, Pullman, the music of Elton John, Delius and the Bulgarka Trio, the performances of Lindsay Kemp, to a passion for Stranger Things.

The production and life of Kate Bush is a truly transgenerational cultural experience, leaving its imprint on the hearts of all ages, a witness that passes from parents to children.

A book that is a meeting point between generations: dedicated to those who have just discovered Kate Bush and those who are familiar with her and want to experience her better.
A book for those born in the last century, where Kate Bush's name evokes rhythms and sounds of the glorious 1980s. A book for young people born in this century, where the name Kate Bush means TV incantation of immense suggestion.

A book for everyone... For those who don't know who Kate Bush is (but may find they already know her songs), for those who know who Kate Bush is and can't get enough of her, for those who discovered her while watching the TV series Stranger Things and want to learn more.
A perfect book for the curious, the skeptics, the devotees, the indifferent, the enthusiasts, the collectors, the esoteric, the out-of-touch hippies, the dreamers and the nostalgic.
Because, as Max's character from the TV series says: Kate Bush is magical and never gets tired. She doesn't play the game, she rewrites the rules. Like Kate Bush, no one ever!

The volume at a glance


Monica Tessarin

Graphics and layout

Marco Kirchmayr

Editorial coordination

Alessandro Pinto

General supervision

Annalisa Pinto


cm. 29.3x26 (horizontal)


124 + cover


Matte coated interior paper gr. 150, 2.5 mm. padded hardback cover (sponged)

Enhanced and revised edition of the book. "The Hounds of Love" by Monica Tessarin
More than 100 images, many never appeared in a book and some never seen before.
Updated to December 2022 .

The entire Ch. 15 is dedicated to the phenomenon of "Running Up That Hill" return to No. 1 in the charts after 37 years, thanks to the TV series "Stranger things."


The white rose under the ivy


01 › Don't push your foot on the brake pedal 1958-1976


02 › Cathy and the wuthering heights 1977-1978


03 › Oh England, my lionheart 1978


04 › The concerts of life 1979


05 › The cruel Babooshka 1980


06 › The aboriginal dream 1981-1982


07 › The cloudbuster 1983-1985


08 › The mystery of the "ninth wave" 1985


09 › The whole story 1986-1987


10 › The sensual world 1988-1989


11 › The enchantment of the red shoes 1991-1999


12 › A sea of honey, a sky of honey 2000-2008


13 › Fifty words for snow 2009-2011


14 › Before the dawn 2012-2018


15 › Which song makes you fly? 2019-2022


16 › Discography and videography


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