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This short film is a brief portrait of two characters living in the medina of a Muslim town that the filmmaker approaches to get to know them. The first is a man who has been heating water in a private Hamman for 40 years. The second is a 20-year-old boy with the dream of moving to Europe.

The project was completed in collaboration with ONG Africa, which aims to demotivate emigration through the medium of cinema and social media, by making young people aware of the resources and opportunities in their territory, in particular the local crafts of Marrakech.

One of the actions envisaged by the project is the learning of film production techniques and, as a result, the short film has had a positive impact on the neighbourhood’s children, who watched the shooting and had a companion as one of the two leading characters.

DOCU – 8 minutes

Project informations

Progress: Available on Amazon Prime US and UK

Director: Filippo Gobbato

D.O.P.: Filippo Gobbato

Subject: Filippo Gobbato and Giulio Kirchmayr

Screenplay: Filippo Gobbato and Giulio Kirchmayr


Casting director: 


Set design:  


Editing: Filippo Gobbato

Casting: Syd Aabdlkrim, Hamouda Ihachim, Syd Baaza, Aabdo Rahim

Executive producer: Giulio Kirchmayr

Producer:  Annalisa Pinto

Co-production:  Moondays and Ong Afrika

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