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In the dark to see the music


The new disc format in Pure Audio Blu-Ray was launched on January 23 at ANTEO - Palazzo del Cinema di Milano (Sala Astra, Piazza XXV Aprile - free admittance) in Milan at 6:30 pm. An not-to-be missed appointment to live an original immersive listening experience, together with artist Franco Mussida. The event allowed the audience to capture Mussida's new album, Il Pianeta della Musica and the journey of Iòtu, in its most intimate and profound version. The viewer was able to perceive the purity of the sound sources in a unique virtual dimension. It is the silence of the dark that gives the feeling of traveling through space.
The Dolby ATMOS Home Entertainment® format, featured in the Blu-ray, is derived directly from the ATMOS® format designed for the cinema world, enabling management of up to 64 independent speakers or speaker arrays-this is the real innovation of the system. Through the optimization of the ATMOS HE master and the precise positioning of the sounds by Paolo Piccardo, an expert engineer in cinema listening, the event "In the dark to see the music" with Mussida, was designed to allow every viewer to experience true immersive magic.

Franco Mussida invites all generations to the event: "This work proposed by Moondays gives the possibility to the THE PLANET OF MUSIC AND THE JOURNEY OF IÒTU to be grasped in all its actual emotional-sound dimension. The perception of the non-violence of the sources of the sounds, the sharpness of the signals although they are separated, and at the same time the subtle interaction between the instruments, the dimension of spatiality and depth due to their dome-like positioning, in addition to bringing the listener out of the narrowness of the stereophonic dimension, gives precisely the feeling of traveling through space. Added to this is a special perception of silence due precisely to the duration of sounds in space. This, on the one hand, thanks to the purity of the sound sources (the guitar and the voice in primis) and, on the other, to the masterful reconstruction of the virtual space curated by Lorenzo Cazzaniga. All this could be enjoyed at the highest level in listening to the dark during the January 23 event at the Anteo in Milan."».


Location: ANTEO Palazzo del Cinema | Piazza XXV April 8 - Milan

Hall: Sala Astra

Number of seats: 187

Date: January 23, 2023

Time: 18.30

Ticket cost: Free admission

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