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New sound horizons

Next stop: our Dolby Atmos promo!

Immersed in our projects and productions, we have several new surprises planned, to be announced shortly.

Starting with the imminent release on the site's home page of our immersive audio promo in Dolby Atmos, which you can enjoy with your compatible headphones!

Audio innovation: discover our new project!

In addition, we are working on a new project that will offer an immersive audio experience. This innovative system will create three-dimensional sound environments, enabling a unique experience in cultural and entertainment contexts, with dynamic sound variations and offering new creative possibilities for artists, creators and operators.


Victory and growth: our success with the PR FESR Call.

We are proud to announce that this project won the Call for Proposals of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Regional Programme PR FESR 2021-2027: Investment for jobs and growth. Intervention type a3.4.2: Interventions in support of cultural and creative enterprises.

Full forward in technological innovation!

Thanks to this success, we will be able to continue on our path of constant growth in the development and testing of cutting-edge technological solutions.

Stay tuned for further updates and get ready for a unique and immersive audio experience!


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