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MOOND(AI)S FREE ISLAND – Generative Artificial Intelligence vs Human Intelligence

Someone wrote, "Artificial intelligence will not replace your job, a professional using artificial intelligence will do it."

AI and ChatGPT: in just a few months they have become the two best known and most clicked acronyms of the internet, absolute protagonists of mass media communication and social, new working tools, regarding our field, to facilitate the creation of original content and ideas for marketing, digital and otherwise, for art, culture, music, and in general for any entertainment product.


HI and HI - HI-Tech and Human Intelligence

Moondays is a high-tech start-up, which started in 2019 with the idea of combining original content with a high level of immersivity and emotional and multiexperiential involvement, delivered through the state of the art and most innovative technology available on the market and with an eye always projected into the future, experimenting with new ways of storytelling and involvement, up to pushing the creation of dedicated software and hardware, the latter rigorously non-invasive.

Moondays has always been and always will be extremely hi-tech oriented, but only and exclusively in the context of producing works born of human talent and intelligence: we are not opposed, therefore, to the use of these tools, which will certainly help all of us to facilitate the task in so many areas of our work, but they will never replace, at least in our case, the idea, the sacrifice, the suffering that underlies the creation of any artistic work, cultural and entertainment, the result of one's own experience, a lifetime of personal and professional background, the history of each of us, our deep inner being, our way of thinking, expressing ourselves, being consistent with ourselves and others, this no machine can and should ever replace.

Moondays will always be the originality of an idea, its uniqueness, the blank sheet of paper and the music sheet to be filled, the image, the sound, generated by our brain, our heart, our spirit and our hands.

Our and your island Generative AI Free

Moondays is our and your AI free island, we are committed as of now to guarantee you, as always, a healthy use of this important and revolutionary tool, to always aim for excellence, to help us do experimentation, research, to concretely visualize a thought born by us and our team and not by a machine, a tool then to support, of help to save time and not to waste mental and creative energies, so that it can "take care" of the "dirty" work, unfortunately necessary in the workflow of any creative project, while we focus on creativity, content, innovation and experimentation to achieve the goal by improving the efficiency and costs of our production process.

AI yes, then, but of support, never generative.

Progress yes, but with common sense.

And we all hope, given the very rapid and uncontrolled development and in a far-west situation, caused by the almost total absence of regulations that have failed to keep up for decades now, that we do not come to those obviously sci-fi scenarios of movies like "2001: A Space Odyssey," "Wargames" or "Terminator," in which machines will begin to have a self-consciousness and autonomy of their own (but it seems we are already there, according to recent news reports) and make autonomous decisions that may have devastating consequences for humanity.

Progress yes, but with common sense.


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