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Milan's Anteo "In the dark to see the music"

An experience entirely dedicated to sound and music...

Huge success for the Monday, January 23 event at Milan's Anteo "In the dark to see the music," sold-out in a few days, conceived and conducted by Franco Mussida.

The presentation of the new format in Pure Audio Blu-Ray disc "The Planet of Music and the journey of Iòtu" received wide approval from the audience, who were able to live an original experience, in the dark, completely immersed within the sound.

Nourishing the sound dimension: the beginning of the performance

The event began with a brief introduction by artist Franco Mussida and Lorenzo Cazzaniga, curator of the album's immersive mix. On this occasion, the author shared with his audience a deep reflection on the importance of relearning and nourishing the ability to experience the sound dimension in its natural form, in its entirety.
From this reflection came the project of "In the dark to see the music," thanks to which the audience was able to personally witness an unprecedented experience of immersive listening, without visual distractions.

Lights off...

At the conclusion of Mussida's and Cazzaniga's interventions, the real magic began: lights off, completely immersed in the sonic beauty of the songs from "The Planet of Music and the journey of Iòtu." An immersive listening experience composed of listening to the entire album accompanied by interludes written by the author that linked the highlights of the journey. Exciting stories and narrative elements, whispered live by the artist. An additional touch of originality to an already completely unprecedented experience: it is the personal involvement of the author while listening to the songs from his latest album, which triggered in the audience a combination of surprising emotions, those emotions that leave a deep impact, touching the heart, the mind and all the senses.

An event that left a mark on every audience member.

The emotion and excitement of the spectators was for Moondays a further confirmation that - as reiterated by the author of the work himself during his presentation - the pure language of sound and music is able to stimulate everyone's imagination, lead each spectator to a new dimension, beyond the limits of space and time.

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