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Every "small step" is a big milestone for us at Moondays....

Area Science Park's TEST4DIGITALIZATION call for proposals.

Working on a new project and being able to submit it to such an important call for proposals as Area Science Park's is immensely satisfying for us.

Through a careful selection of cutting-edge machinery and technologies and a completely original design-which goes to redefine the traditional "exhibition" standards we usually experience today-our immersive exhibition "The Spirit of Nature" gained fifth place in the final ranking of Area Science Park's Test4Digitalization call, as part of IP4FVG, the regional digital innovation hub.

A project with attention to every detail in order to achieve a precise goal - in perfect line with the mission of Moondays - that of offering all viewers the opportunity to live a brand new and complete experience, involving all the senses at 360°.

The purpose of the TEST4DIGITALIZATION call for proposals.

The Test4Digitalization call in which we participated is one of several initiatives curated by Area Science Park as part of the activities of IP4FVG, the regional digital innovation hub.

It involves funding from the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia funds from the FVG Social Cohesion Fund for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

A large number of companies decided to submit their projects for participation in the Test4Digitalization call: companies operating in various sectors - including, precisely, the cultural and creative industry, but also the manufacturing and construction sectors.

The evaluation of projects submitted to the Test4Digitalization call.

The projects submitted by companies for Area Science Park's Test4Digitalization call were carefully evaluated by the internal technical committee, which had the arduous task of verifying compliance with all requirements.

Specifically, four criteria were adopted for the evaluation of all projects submitted to the Test4Digitalization call, including our immersive exhibition "The Spirit of Nature." Namely: the maturity and clarity of the digitization strategy adopted, the overall quality of the project, the cost-effectiveness of the project, and the effectiveness and efficiency of the submitted program.

In particular, relevance was given to those prototypes, demo projects, testing and validation of digital systems and technologies in real operating conditions, with high innovative and cutting-edge content, in order to facilitate the exponential introduction and use of digital technologies in the enterprise's activities.

"The Spirit of Nature": 5th place in the final ranking.

This call for proposals represented a new opportunity for us at Moondays to reimagine digital tools from a completely new and novel perspective.

An important milestone that allows us to better develop our immersive project in an even more innovative, all-to-be-discovered format, which we look forward to letting you fully experience!

For more information on the call for proposals:

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